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VHS tape transfer to DVD
Family videos converted to DVD and Blu-rays for over 10 years

Home movie conversion to DVD - Vintage VHS

VintageVHS video conversion preserves your recorded memories by converting your home videos into DVDs. The quality of the older video formats (reel and tape) deteriorates with time. Memories on older video formats are waiting to be salvaged. By utilizing our restoration and conversion service, your VHS and home film will preserve your recorded memories in the popular DVD formatting.  

Vintage VHS transferring memories for over 10 years!

Vintage VHS, with over 10 years of converting experience, offers the opportunity to convert any of your home movies from VHS, VHS-C, camcorder, 8 mm or reel film into professional DVDs.  Additional services available for your newly converted DVDs include menu making, video editing, audio additions and subtitling.  Vintage VHS is in the business of helping people preserve their memories in a format that lasts decades.  We also offer great pricing on duplications, so you can have copies made for all family members.


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Options Vintage VHS has to ensure your videos are preserved and your home movies never fade away with time:

DVD or Blu-ray transfer of your home movies and films



YouTube upload options YouTube allows you to have privacy search settings so only your friends and family whom you've given the location to will be able to find it online…. and you can always take the video offline as completely private if you want your friends and family to either logon or to access the video via YouTube's email video invitation.  So get your videos to your friends and family all across the globe in an instant, but in a way that you won't regret; your friends and family can see you make a fool of yourself. But others CAN’T! 

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Customized or standard Menu making options


DVD cases and shrink wrapping


Affordable copies of your family videos onto DVD or Blu-ray (great for family Christmas gifts, with personalized menus and customized editing)

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Formats we work with

  • VHS formats - VHS, VHS-C
  • Camcorder tapes and 8 millimeter
  • Reels - old film reels, home movies, 8 mm and Super 8 footage. (we offer audio additions if you would like to give it some feel; keep in mind that the standard 8mm reels have that chugging noise of the machine, but there is actually no audio included in the footage.  Vintage VHS can add some music that fits what you think is most meaningful to you in the reel.  (My personal favorite is using Joe Cocker's "Have A Little Help From My Friends" which comes out similar to how they started the beginning of the Wonder Years with the reel footage at the beginning.
  • Computer Formats; .avi, mpg, .mp3, mp4, vod

Some other services that Vintage VHS is very proud to offer:

YouTube to DVD

Novelty Subtitling

DVD Menus

Film Editing

Personalized Subtitling

DVD labeling

Large Inventory of video assessories, converter equipment, hit DVD and Blu-rays at wholesale pricing, movie posters and collectibles.

Vintage VHS Film conversion - Transform your memories to pristine digital or DVD formats. Great gifts for any special occasion!  VintageVHS.net - 8 mm video transfer, vhs to dvd, vhs-c to dvd, 8mm to dvd and much more!

The most valuable item in life when its all said and done are the memories..  The problem with memories though, is they fade with time, just like on video.  With our video conversion services, you never have to worry about losing either as long as you have it recorded, we'll back it up so the moments you cherish most are preserved and backed up; with easily duplicated formats, so that you can share with family and friends, make DVDs for gifts and mementos of special occasions and with editings services that will help to highlight or eliminate whatever you choose on your footage.  Making memories was the fun part, now make sure you keep them!. Whether on 8mm, Super 8, VHS, VHS-C or camcorder tapes; vintage film and media transformed into digital files and DVD.   Welcome your home movies to the digital age with Vintage VHS!


Vintage VHS specializes in converting home movies into DVD with the highest service rating in the industry.
Video transfer to DVD from Vintage VHS.
Date Published: 09/05/2013
VintageVHS vhs to DVD film transfer gets 10 out of 10 stars and is your best source for affordable video restoration and storage.
10 / 10 stars

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