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Video conversion services
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Video conversion services for film transfer and duplication

Vintage VHS has been offering video conversion and film transfer for over 10 years. Our goal is to help you save your vintage family movies on VHS or reel formats, convert them to dvd or blu-ray, all while giving you the best options in the industry and at the lowest prices to boot. When we mention the best options you have with Vintage VHS; we are talking about options that other companies just don't have the technology to do.  Some of these services include reel (8 mm film) transfer, not only do we convert to DVD we also convert your movies into Blu-Rays so you are probably set on your conversion for the next 50 year  s!  We also offer you the option to have personalized DVD menus, DVD labeling, DVD cases with personalized DVD case artwork, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the services we offer!

Services offered

  • Film to DVD
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  • Video converting Services
  • Video Conversion and Transfer Samples and Demos
  • Camcorder tape transfer
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  • Reel conversion
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The best reason to convert is because of the danger and risk involved with storing your precious film on video tape or reel formats.  When your film is on DVD or blu-ray in a digital format and medium, you can rest assured knowing that your film will be easily convertible, easily reproduced and on a format that isn't effected by dust, moisture, or a "hungry VCR player!" 

With each of our conversion, your home videos are converted with our goal being to get the highest quality video picture and audio for your finalized DVD or Blu-ray.  With over 10 years experience, our video experts will go the extra mile for you and your family. We transfer your home videos into DVDs to keep your precious memories safe and secure.

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Why you might want to consider home movie conversion services with us:

Your home movies on vhs, reel, and super8 formats are at risk each time you put your VCR tape in that old VCR player, everytime the lightbulb on the reel machine fires up, and everyday they are exposed to the elements in the air.  These can have horrifying effects on your precious video and films. This is not something that you have to put up with or wait to do, being how cheap the service is, and all the options Vintage VHS affords you.  Why risk another day of your family's irreplaceable recorded memories?  You can have them backed up, put into a format that doesn't degrade with exposure to the elements and have duplicates made for your friends and family.  These memories from the past will make great gifts.

The process

  1. Evaluation of VHS tapes, size, quality desired, and DVD estimate

  2. Transfer and Editing

  3. Completion and Verification

  4. Labeling, Printing, and Packaging 



Services Home movie conversion


Vintage VHS goes over your tapes, checking the condition, length and verifying how many DVDs and the quality our customers specify.  This forms the basis for our game plan for editing. 

Transfer and Editing

The transfer process begins with Vintage VHS entering time-markers on our machines which specify when to place a title, new chapter, etc.  We can do multiple tapes onto one DVD; say for instance you want a hour of footage from a camcorder tape and the other hour to be from a VHS tape.  We also have the option to dub in CD audio into your tape with our Dolby Surround-sound Mixer.  This is a nifty feature for tapes such as a wedding where the tape audio might be bad. You could go through your list of songs from the wedding and send a cd along with your tapes, we would then be able to put that in the DVD with the audio feed.

Labeling, Packaging, and Shipping

After the DVD is done, we make a generic label for you with whatever title you chose. If you have a picture for us to scan we can design the label from that. Then the newly created DVDs are packaged, along with your old tapes and immediately ship them back.

A note on shipping: we cover all S&H costs back to you!

DVD Labeling

Here is a sample of our DVD labeling options.  We can make your home movies have that DVD quality to the label sticker.  We can also customize them to include pictures or images that you would like shown.

People find this option valuable for movies special to them such as:

  • Weddings (some will use their wedding cake and create text for the DVD label)

  • Birthdays (picture of them as children)

  • Family videos (picture from a family reunion or get-together)

Simply send us an email to support@vintagevhs.net and include the name on the conversion order and we will get the label printed for you before we send them out.

  • Youtube Videos into DVDs or Blurays
  • Foreign Films
  • Duplications
  • Subtitle Additions
  • Audio and Video editing
  • Menu making
  • DVD labeling

We can convert your home movies on virtually all formats into DVDs at an unbeatable price.  Simply send us your videos you want converted, we convert them for a low conversion price.


Prices above are for our standard package.  Other options are $9.99 for the Budget Package and $19.99 for the Premium conversion with editing and personalized menu options. From the conversion process, we then have additional options for your finer movies if you would like more than just the simple conversion.  

Vintage VHS home movies to DVD conversions

Vintage VHS works with a variety of film and video formatting in our conversion services.  VHS tapes and Super movie reels are the two most common video formats that we are asked to work on.  This is due to the popularity of the VHS format in the early 1980s until the early 1990s.  The format had virtually no competition, and every family seemed to have a VHS recorder or VCR recorder (we often get videos of old recorded VHS tapes of network TV.. which we always get a kick out of seeing the old commercials.)    

The format was great for the time. However, these tapes are now aging.  With the accumulation of dust, mildew and mold, the wearing down of the spool after years of use; these important memories may be lost.  This is your chance to ensure that you will not lose your precious memories.  Vintage VHS offers many options that will ensure that your video quality will be preserved and formatted for ease of future replication.

  • DVD menu creation, either standard template or personalized (click here)
  • DVD labeling - the label stick on DVDs, either standard or personalized (click here)
  • DVD editing
    • Audio additions such as commentation, music, etc. or subtractions such as muting certain parts, or "bleeping" out bad words
    • Video editing, we can piece together your videos, removing parts you don't want, adding picture-on-picture video (combine two videos into one)
    • compilation creations, pictures turned into DVDs
  • Transitions added
  • Menu making; we can add personalized menus or fancy templates we have, to give your DVD a hollywood look
  • DVD cases, rather than the standard jewel cases for our economical DVD conversions

Formats we work with for our conversions:

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm
  • Super 8
  • Reel Film
  • Computer formats; mpegs, avi, etc.

Duplicate your DVDs or your Blu-rays for an unbeatable price!

We can add subtitles to any DVD movie you can find in the world with available subtitles.  So if there is an cult hit in Europe, for example, and this movie is not available in America or the U.K., if we can find the subtitles online in the srt or sub file format (which is likely), we can dub in the subtitles in the language of your chosing. Great for

  • Foreign film aficionados
  • Learning a new language 

  • Add subtitles to your favorite movies
  • Personalize subtitles of movies
    • Great for gifts, especially Valentines Day presents.  Add your significant other's name into the video and watch their eyes light up when they see their name in the film!
Film restoration, digital archiving and Duplication Services from Vintage VHS.net
Vintage VHS is the midwest leader in media reproductions and film salvation from a quality source at an unbeatable and affordable price for all your VHS and DVD projects.  We also work with 8mm reels as well as camcorder tapes and computer formats.
Stress and hassle-free.
We understand that shopping the internet for video services can be a daunting, scary and overwhelming task. With constantly changing technology, as well as conflicting recommendations by video professionals, it can be challenging to find a company that treats all clients equally and honestly, paying careful attention to each and every project --regardless of project size or budget.
Vintage VHS is that company.
You can trust us to provide peace of mind at an affordable price, and the same level of personalized attention we give our own precious video memories.
Don't wait another moment!
The longer you wait the more likely it is that your videos and vhs tapes will deteriorate.  Wny not preserve them so your film can be brought to the digital age! Moisture, as well as harsh weather, can cause your tapes to deteriorate. 
Services offered include turning your favorite youtube videos into DVDs or Blu-rays overnight.  We ship them out the next day.  You simply give us the url (web address of the video), and we convert it into a DVD or BluRay overnight and ship it off to you.  Save your favorite videos, make them DVD/Blu-ray ready.    

Video services on our page

Vintage VHS home movie restorations
By utilizing our service, you'll be able to save your memories. ... Additional services available for your newly converted DVDs include menu making, video editing ...
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Video conversion and DVD Services>. Personalized Subtitling of movie DVD customization services. 
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DVD duplication service - Vintage VHS
High quality duplication for your DVDs with Vintage VHS. Duplicate your favorite DVDs and home movies at an unbeatable price this month...
YouTube videos to DVD with VintageVHS is one of the simplest things out there; you simply select the url (links) of the youtube video you would like on DVD and we create a DVD for you!
How our conversion service works
If you would like help with your shipping, you may prepay for your order (you can always add additional services afterwards, so don't hesitate to purchase).
DVD Personalized Menu Creation
Customized DVD Menus from Vintage VHS allows the options for DVD menu customized with special services such as image placeholders, movie clips playable ...
Personalized DVD menus
Vintage VHS allows the options for DVD menu creation with special services such as image placeholders, movie clips playable on DVD remote selection or 
Vintage VHS is the only conversion company in Lansing Michigan and services all the midwest from the capital city.

DVD options

Video conversion and DVD Services


Vintage VHS has many DVD options and services for our customers with prompt attention and dilligence to preserve your special memories for not decades to come.


Some of our services include YouTube video to DVD, home movie conversions, film conversions, video conversions, family videos such as camcorder, VHS-C, VHS formats into DVDs.

Labeling services, video packages, subtitle additions, foreign film subtitling, and many others.

Note: These make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or family/friends away from home.  Having extra DVDs around adds a little extra security to your priceless home movies.

DVD duplication service
Orig.: $13.99
Sale: $9.99
DVD DATA Disk Conversions
Orig.: $15.99
Sale: $11.99
Standard video conversion customization Package
Orig.: From $17.97
Sale: From $14.97
Youtube clip conversion transfer to DVD
Orig.: $32.99
Sale: $19.99

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