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Video conversion services > 8mm reel transfer to DVD for home movie restoration
8mm reel transfer to DVD for home movie restoration

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8mm home movie reel conversions into DVDs

Convert your 8 mm or reel film into DVD at an unbeatable fixed price of just $9.99 per 8mm reel! 

8mm reel transfer to DVD or hard drive frame by frame transfer  

Don't let your movie reels sit in the attic gathering dust and deteriorating over time.  Preserve your home movies reels with us for just $9.99 per 50 feet of family converted into DVDs with audio addition option.  Vintage VHS converts home movies from Super 8 and all 8mm film formats into high quality and preservable DVDs.

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Audio addition is our special feature that lets you have something to make up for the lack of sound that these old reels have.  If you have ever seen the TV show the Wonder Years; the beginning intro with the old movie reels playing along with the song "Have a Little Help From my Friends" by Joe Cocker gives you an idea of the feel of what this audio addition ends up looking like.  We highly recommend this feature to make them more apt for the moment you are preserving.



8mm reel conversion to dvd


8mm reel restoration to DVD

Safeguard those family reels and VHS movies right away before they deteriorate to nothing over time.  The unprecedented DVD video format resolution last a lifetime moreover can be played an around endless aggregate of seconds among no decrease of merit!


Your home movie reels have sat in the attic long enough! Move them to DVDs or blurays with Vintage VHS today before they deteriorate and vanish!

Reasons to convert home movie reels into DVD:

  • Obsolete format8mm reel formats as well as VHS formats are no longer used for multiple reasons.  Whenever you have an obsolete format, it makes it all the more difficult to view your home movies on reel or VHS tapes;
    • In the case of 8mm reel footage it is difficult to set up the projector, errors can occur while playing them back that could ruin your reel film if the person doesn't know how to properly handle the projector.  
    • In the case of VHS tapes; its harder to find VCRs, and you always risk a tape getting eaten by the machine, and you're not easily able to get a copy to your friends and family to watch since fewer people have VCRs today.
  • Film reels difficult to duplicate, copy, or replicate
  • Reels don't allow for the unique features of DVD and Blu-Ray such as DVD menu creationDVD subtitle additions, audio additions, personalized DVD labelsDVD cases, etc.
  • Super 8 movie reels and VHS tapes deteriorate over time.
  • Film reel transfer with Vintage VHS is relatively cheap and offers guaranteed lowest prices.
  • DVD and Blu-Ray formats are easily converted to digital files (.avi .mp4, or mpeg) which make it easy for you to store or upload on youtube, and share with friends online.
  • Timeless format:  DVDs and Blu-Rays are virtually timeless assuming they don't get scratched.  The format doesn't deteriorate over time if the DVD remains in take and are relatively resistent to dust.


How much does reel to DVD transfer cost?

Priced at just $10 per standard Super8 reel which is an amazing bargain for reel conversion.   For larger movie reels we charge just a penny per inch of reel footage.  

How long does home movie reels take to transfer?

Generally Vintage VHS gets your Super Eight movie reels done ASAP within 3 to 4 days; during the holiday season, we do get many more reels to convert than normal as people are looking to get these converted and copied for DVD Christmas gifts, making it up to a week at our busiest times.  But typically it takes no more than 4 days to convert your home movie reels!

Your home movie reels or VHS tapes sitting and deteriorating in the garage or attic are just gathering dust as we speak, but they can all be converted and saved today!  Don't let your precious home moives deteriorate another day.  We would gladly help save them for you.  Vintage VHS is a video restoration company that specializes in home movie reel transfer from Super8 reels to DVDs or Blu-Rays at prices gauranteed to be the lowest in the nation.  

Vintage VHS price matches daily to what our competitors are charging to make sure we are the #1 choice in home reel conversion

Do you have vintage 8mm Super 8mm home movie reels with your home movies and precious memories, but can’t view them?? VintageVHS can transfer your reels to DVD at an unbeatable rate this month!


Old family movies and vintage reel footage are not easily played back on the old movie projectors.  Very few people know how to work the projects and you can risk damaging your reels beyond repair; having our video conversion experts transfer your film to DVD is the way to go.    Vintage VHS  will gladly transfer all your reels and Super8 footage into either DVD or Blu-Ray so that your memories are never forgotten.  

We do frame-by-frame reel transfer which offer the highest quality output on your finished DVD and another added benefit is this allows for high quality digital formating as well.  

Brand New Youtube Service Offered!

After we convert your super8 home movie reels we can put them into a digital format for you and upload them to youtube, or create uncompressed formats on disk to send to you, so you can upload them.  This is great for people that would like to be able to send a link to friends and family to see their videos, and now Youtube allows for videos to be unlisted but viewable by link, so only people that you give your link to would be able to see your movies.  To learn more about this service, please visit our 8mm home movies on youtube page.

Just a reminder also: for each 500 feet of reel; it takes up 10 Gs of memory on your computer.

Questions About Transferring Your Movie Reels?

Feel free to contact us any time about your home movie reel conversions @ 231-736-4317 or email us at support@vintagevhs.net



Vintage VHS specializes in 8mm reel conversion and film transfer into DVD with the highest service rating in the industry.
8mm reel to DVD conversion from Vintage VHS.
Date Published: 09/05/2013
VintageVHS vhs to DVD film transfer gets 10 out of 10 stars and is your best source for affordable video restoration and storage.
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