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VHS to DVD Converting family videos
VHS home movie transfer

VHS to DVD Converting family videos

Vintage VHS is your company for home movie and film transferring into DVDs.  VHS to DVD converting family videos with us allows you to preserve your family films from VHS, VHS-C, movie reels, Hi8, DVD, and also youtube uploads.  

Why convert them it immediately?

Tapes on these old movie formats tend to break down over time.  There is many difficulties and predicaments as well as risk involved in the playback on the old VHS and VHS-C formats.  Movie reels degrade over time as well.  The sooner you preserve them a unique way with our film salvage project, the soon you have these tapes locked in a format that will no longer age and be more easily duplicated.  This format to convert these tapes into are either Blu-Ray, DVD or online film storage.  Vintage VHS offers all 3 of these options for VHS to DVD converting family videos.


VHS tapes are now a thing of the past!

VHS to DVD conversion info

VCRs are now obsolete, and no longer sold or rented.  There is a reason these formats been phased out:  the technology is prone to damage, age, tapes getting eaten and DVD and BluRay technology has taken over the show.

How it works: 

Just mail off your tapes to the Vintage VHS address closest to your area as provided at the site locaton page. Your vintage footage and fresh DVDs will be returned to you by mail.

How long does it take?

The length of time depends on the number of VHS tapes, and the services you want.


Converting your households movies on 8mm, VHS, VHS-C, and Super 8 Film into dazzling DVDs and Blu-Rays. Salvage your home movies in an affordable approach with VintageVHS.net


  • VHS to DVD alterations never disintegrate, decompose, decay or crumble as long as you keep them from getting scratched. They will never break down over long periods of time as long as you keep the DVD scratch free.


Transferring your VHS-C tapes to DVD or blu-ray

Converting your aged VHS-C tapes into a digital form helps to ensure that your recordings will be around forever. The process of converting VHS-C to a digital copy boils down to converting analog audio and video into digital versions--and the process requires both analog and digital tools to complete. Though the process requires a good bit of equipment, with a little patience, the process can be relatively painless. Read on to find out more.

I've been utilizing the VHS-C format for ages to construct home movies and video, and I cant get enough of it, it's easy to use, reliable and cheap! I like to archive my videos and watch them years later. I thought of going to mini-dvd to keep up with the times, but VHS-C still seems to be largely available and Mini DVD cameras are just too expensive, and what good are digital camcorders if you can't archive the videos? I don't believe a IC hard drive to even last more than 5 decades, and I choose to check out the movies on my TV. so I wonder, how many of you all film freaks out there still use VHS-C?


Looking for a VHS C adapter?  We always have those ordered on our video accessories page, yet still, to save you a lot of time, here is the hyperlink to it.

VHS C to VHS tape adapter (link)

VHS to DVD home movie transfer
VHS to DVD home movie transfer

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