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Blu-Ray cases cheapest wholesale prices

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Blu-Ray cases at wholesale prices

Get Blu-ray cases at wholesale prices, just $0.25 each!  Buy today, shipped out tomorrow!  This special offer is available this month only on our packages of 100.  

100 unused brand new standard blue blu-ray cases for repacking or replacement.  Take your broken or scratched BluRay cases and replace them today with brand new disc boxes!

blu ray case


These are the standard blue-ray cases of hollywood blu-rays and can be used to repackaged your movies if your boxes have gotten damaged.  
Product Specifications
Brand: Vintage VHS blu-ray case package
Product: Blu-ray packageAC 245 685-9b
Capacity: One (1) blue-ray case - single box
Color: Standard Blu-ray Blue
Dimensions: 13mm by 120mm x 150mm
Quantities: 100 Pack
Type: Blu-Ray Box Cases
Type1: Standard
Blu-ray cases for resale, replacement, and repackaging for all Blu-rays with the standard blu-ray case we all know.  These cases are offered at wholesale pricing so you know you are getting the best deal out there on your Bluray project products.  
Our Blu-Ray boxes are produced with the top of the line poly-plastics making it durable and fairly resistant to damage. With Vintage VHS, all our Blu-Ray packages give you the plastic wrap around that most Disks have to allow you to slip art inserts and labels into your Disks to differenciate them and make them stand out.  The disk boxes also come with the Blu-Ray copyrighted official logo on it.
On the interior there is the insert clip for booklet, manual, or film insert.  

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